"As Southern California is one of the main providers of fresh goods to the rest of the country, it's crucial we keep our air quality at the absolute cleanest as possible. Los Angeles is not known for it's clear air so this is a very needed cause that we are honored to be a part of in helping their mission."

"I love being a part of anything that empowers other people to be productive. I know I feel better when I'm more productive. If I can make anyone feel better, than I know I've done my part for the day."


"Since my experience with cancer as a teenager, I have been hyperaware of ingredients in food as well as pesticides. This is a case near and dear to my heart and I want people to become educated about harmful ingredients in foods and pesticides used on fresh foods because we aren't quite in a perfect world yet where everyone has access to food they can grow themselves in their backyard so we need to hold makers of food responsible for providing us with non toxic foods."

"While most of the work I do is for underprivileged people, I think that everyone needs guidance at some point in life no matter where they come from. It is always a rejuvenating experience that gives me faith about our future generation and where their hopes and dreams can take the planet."

"I've been looking for an outlet for this very topic touching on how harmful process foods and sugars can be to the body of diabetic children and I strongly believe that education begins at home. My dream finally came true being able to reach a group of young people who I was able to show how to eat well so that they could enjoy food without having too many sacrifices."