Gavin Mills: A Brit Abroad in Los Angeles

I could have laughed with Gavin for hours and hours sharing poignant cooking stories or jokes of all kinds. Tune into this episode of TOP Talk for a good laugh and some real talk on making delicous food. If you're in the LA area you can experience Gavin's heartfelt cooking at Miro in downtown Los Angeles.


The best things in life happen organically: love, careers and food. Tune into this episode of Top Talk to hear an Italian from Long Island's tale of working through the restaurant world and how he landed in LaLa land to make his dream concept come true. Green chicken liver mousse?! Yep! It's all the rage at meat-centric concept Cannibal.

Nourishing the Soul with Ziggy Marley

Ziggy's new cookbook, Ziggy Marley and Family Cookbook, is an extension of all the thing Ziggy stands for: peace, love, and freedom. Tune into this episode of TOP Talk to hear just how all of these ideals translate into his cooking.

Jerkin' Around with Three Jerks Jerky

You know when something just feels right and make a whole lotta sense? Everything about the Three Jerks (filet mignon beef jerky) is on brand from the Jerks' personalities to the branding and verbiage and most importantly the tenderness and flavor in the product. It is GOOOOOOOD jerky, ya'll! Tune into this episode of TOP Talk to hear about the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and the challenges of exploding on Shark Tank. Buckle up for this is one heck of a ride!

All About Coffee from Lucky Jack founder, Richard Karno

I don't know about you, but I simply must have one cup of coffee every morning, or else. But there is so much that goes into that one miraculous ritual of a cup. Richard Karno founded Groundworks coffee years ago on a whim. His first location was actually a bookstore that just happened to have an espresso machine. But we all know what happened to book sales, so coffee turned out to be the better business model. Tune into this episode of TOP Talk to hear all about his wild ride building a business and serving some of the best coffee in Southern California.

Esquela Taqueria: The Vision of a Restaurant

Steven Arroyo is an artist of sorts. On this episode of Top Talk he shares a bit about his creative process of curating the ideal restaurant space. Learn about all the moving pieces it takes to have a great customer experience. And some of his craziest moments in this nutty industry will leave your jaw agape! Never a dull moment. Never a dull moment, indeed.

Robert Egger of L.A. Kitchen Is Redefining Food Distribution

I could talk to this guy for hours! Robert Egger is a former nightclub owner turned social reformist through food. For over 20 years he has paved the way for providing affordable food to those in need on a large scale in the most resourceful fashion, combining imperfect ingredients and imperfect people. It's really all so humbling becuase at the end of the day, aren't we all imperfect? Tune into this episode of TOP Talk to get a whole new perspective on our food system. This is a truly life -changing story not to be missed!

LA Food and Wine Debrief & Luxury Experience Curator, David Bernahl

Not too much is known about David Bernahl, or at least about his crazy entrepreneurial start. He's just one of those people that didn't think there was anything he couldn't do. There is so much power in just going for it. Tune into this episode of TOP Talk for the ultimate food and lifestlye entreprenur success story. We cover this past weekend's LA Food and Wine Festival and all the fun highlights!

From Emilia Romagna to Los Angeles

Spending summers with his mother's family in Emilia Romagna, Steve Samson learned to appreciate regional Italian food from a young age. This week's episode of TOP Talk is a great story of how to trust your instincts and pursue the career of your dreams, despite any personal doubts. Plus we hear all about the exciting Northern Italian dishes to come at his newest project, Rossoblu!